BIOCOMPLECT ENGINEERING PM Ltd. is a Bulgarian limited company specialized in the engineering for the food & beverage industries and biochemical industries.
The company designs, produces and delivers complete production lines including the assembly and commissioning, as well as separate items in the following sectors:

  • Tomato paste production lines for the production of double and triple-concentrated paste, with the capacities of 2, 2,5 and 3 tons/hour, or 150 and 300 tons/24 hours processed tomatoes. The lines include straining units for obtaining tomato juice and vacuum-evaporating units, discontinuous or continuous operated for obtaining the desired concentration. The processes can be mechanized or fully automated in order to achieve a high quality of the final product.
  • Ketchup production lines including filling the ketchup in glass or plastic bottles.
  • Turbid juices production lines for processing natural fruits directly, or from aseptically tank-stored pre-fabricated fruits and further filling in glass bottles.
  • Clear fruit juice and concentrate production lines for processing apples, grapes, and other fruits, with aroma recovery.
  • Plants for aseptically filling of juices, semi-concentrates or crushed products. All production lines are completed with stainless steel or epoxy-resin coated tanks for aseptic storing of the juices, thus avoiding the use of preserving substances.
  • Fruits in syrup production lines for processing a wide range of fruits as peeled peaches, apricots, morellos, cherries, etc.
  • Canned vegetables mechanized production lines for processing a wide range of vegetables as green beans, green peas, peeled fleshy peppers, peeled tomatoes, etc at outputs of 1.8 to 3.5 tons/hour.
  • Jam and marmalade complete production lines for processing different fruits.
  • Dry fruits and vegetables mechanized or automated production lines with continuous operated drying process. Manufacturing of all types of drying units. Manufacturing of different type packaging and labeling units.
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables production lines, IQF or block type. Manufacturing of different type packaging and labeling units for the ready-made frozen products.
  • Bottling lines for automated bottling of carbonated soft drinks, beer, clear and turbid fruit juices, mineral water, wine, etc in glass or plastic bottles with different volumes, at capacities from 3000 up to 48 000 bottles/hour.
  • Bottling lines for automated bottling of natural or impregnated mineral waters in glass or plastic bottles at capacities from 1000 up to12 000 bottles/hour (for bottles of 1.5 l)

The bottling lines can be completed with :

  • water treatment facilities as ozonating, filtering and aromatizing units
  • production plants for PVC-, PE-, or PET – bottles and caps for them
  • Grape processing plants for red and white wine production, including thermal treatment units and wine stabilization equipment
  • Alcohol distillation equipment
  • Hard alcoholic drinks production lines
  • Vinegar production lines
  • Pasteurized milk processing lines at capacities from 5 000 up to 50 000 liters raw milk per shift of 8 hours
  • Joghurt processing lines at a capacity from 5 up to 20 tons processed raw milk/hour
  • Bulgarian white brine cheese and yellow cheese (kashkaval) production lines according to an original Bulgarian technology, at capacities from 5 up to 100 tons/shift processed raw milk
  • Technical casein production lines
  • Sausages production lines for fresh, boiled-smoked and dried sausages as well as many other kinds delicacies, at different outputs. The lines can be completed on request with prefabricated (sandwich-type) module-structure cold rooms for the raw meat and ready-made products
  • Canned meat production lines at outputs from 1 up to 5 tons/shift
  • Refrigeration equipment for cooling, freezing and storing of cooled and frozen fruits, vegetables, meat, meat products and other items, with different capacities and volumes
  • Module-type cold rooms, made of insulated “sandwich” panels for storing different cooled and frozen products
  • Refrigeration plants as parts of different production lines for processing and bottling of carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, milk and milk products etc. Refrigerating and shock-freezing tunnels
  • Blood plasma processing units
  • Fluid and dry pectin production plants
  • Gelatin production plants
  • Agar-agar production plants
  • Natural coloring agents production units
  • Enzymes production installations based on depth-processing method
  • Pneumatic transport systems for organic products ‘Biocomplect Engineering PM’ Ltd. is specializes in the manufacturing and installation of pneumatic transport systems, ensuring the transportation of waste materials, preliminery pre-crushed by special crushers,produced by us.

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